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M&M Product, a Romanian company headquartered in Râșnov, launches an eco sustainable thermo wrap made of sugar cane – a biological, renewable source which produces oxygen and reduces CO2 emission in the atmosphere. The wrapping products and solutions are grouped under the smart green brand.

The smart green products target producers and logistic platforms involved in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and environmental protection, as well as making the wrapping process more efficient.

Ethanol is the raw material used in producing the I’m green™ polyethylene which comes from sugar cane, a friendly carbon footprint biopolymer.

“We care is our motto since the beginning, that is why our main objective was, and still is, performance. We offer tailor made solution by expertise and applied intelligence: audit, evaluation and test for our superior solution. Throughout our 25 years of existence, we assumed our position as innovators and pioneers on the Romanian market by offering solution to reduce the plastic consumption and producing eco sustainable plastic wraps. the smart green is our answer to the severe need for environmental protection, for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by less use of plastics made of petrol,” says Melinda Mureșan, General Manager M&M Product.

At the strategic level, the project is coordinated by Aliz Kosza – business mentor & strategist, within a BERD Romania co-financed program for small and medium businesses. By this project, the company also created a new visual identity and started an inevitable process of organizational transformation, by implementing a new management model.

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Articol – Romanian company M&M Product launches new eco sustainable flexible wraps

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