3 business lines through which we offer customized packaging solutions.

• Palletized stretch
• Polyethylene Shrink Film
• Polyolefin Shrink Film
• Vibac automatic adhesive tape
• The SmartGreen products
• Palletized stretch (FainWrap brand)
• Polyethylene Shrink Film (FainWrap brand)
• Polyolefin Shrink Film (FainWrap brand)
• DECOTERM PVC Shrink Film
• Vibac manual adhesive tape
• HP shrink machines – Maripack
• HP stretch machines – Unitech Packaging
• Semi-automatic palletizing machines
• Semi-automatic and manual shrink machines
• Semi-automatic adhesive tape machines

The SmartGreen

The new generation of eco-friendly flexible packaging

The response to the need of protecting the environment.

  • No investment needed in new packaging machinery
  • Replacement of conventional PE film with I’m green™ PE film
  • Special appearance
  • Superior technical properties and performance
  • At the end of its life, The SmartGreen film can be recycled

Consumption flow diagnosis

Smart wrapping means experience and applied intelligence, offering suitable solutions “on site” to achieve performance.

How we do it

  • we audit and evaluate consumption at the customer’s location
  • the solution offered is customized, complete, integrated: material + machinery + work method
  • testing the solution, where, under real working conditions, the savings obtained are clearly determined on the basis of a protocol

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