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Sustainable business transformation is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. SmartWrap, a Romanian company founded in 1994 and which develops packaging solutions, decided to change with the times. We talked to Melinda Mureșan, General Manager of SmartWrap about this transformation.

SmartWrap is a Romanian company that makes stretch palletized plastic packaging, polyethylene foils, adhesive tape, food foils or non-adhesive tapes. In a constantly changing industry that needs more sustainability to be able to prepare for the future, SmartWrap decided to invest in the future.

The beginnings of SmartWrap
Melinda Mureșan says that in 1990 she graduated from the Faculty of Wood Processing. But with all the traditional factories closing after the fall of communism, she couldn’t work for what she prepared for.

So he got a job with a pallet delivery company. There she learned the trade in a new field at that time in Romania. And so she came up with the idea to start a business.

“When I founded the company in 1994, the main activity was importing of foils for industrial packaging. Between 1994 and 1997, we focused on developing the market and the customer base. Until 2009, we worked to build strategic partnerships with strong suppliers in the region and around the world. Subsequently, we invested in our own production platform and we managed to gradually open 6 work points and build the central warehouse in Râșnov (Romania)”, says Melinda Mureșan.

They have grown and in 2013 they introduced ERP and BI systems, and in 2020 they started the process of strategic relaunch of the company, launching for the first time in Romania the eco-sustainable heat-shrinkable foil – The SmartGreen made of sustainable polyethylene.

Currently SmartWrap is based on 3 business directions. The HighPerformance line is composed of flexible packaging that is used on high-performance equipment that generates significant savings and increased productivity through working speed. The Standard line covers the basic packaging needs of users, through products such as foils, adhesive tapes and PVC thermal products. And the Utilaje business line offers equipments from all manual, semi-automatic and automatic categories that optimizes the packaging process.

At the moment, the market for SmartWrap is in Romania, but once they expand the sustainable division, The SmartGreen, they want to expand worldwide.

Transition to sustainability
In 2020, SmartWrap underwent a strategic relaunch process and they took the path of sustainability through The SmartGreen, a new generation of packaging that is not as harmful to the environment.

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