The SmartGreen Polyethylene Shrink Film

The SmartGreen Polyethylene shrink film – with solutions in multipack bundle wrapping of medium-weight products, especially beverages, giving an aesthetic advantage.

The I’m green™ Polyethylene shrink film is a biopolymer that provides a favorable carbon footprint.

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By using the I’m green™ Polyethylene film from The SmartGreen, our partners can use unique packaging, made from renewable sources, resources that contribute significantly to reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions.


  • at the end of its life The SmartGreen film can be recycled in the same chains already developed for conventional Polyethylene film;
  • replacing conventional shrink film made of conventional Polyethylene with The SmartGreen shrink film does not require investment in new packaging machinery;
  • The SmartGreen shrink film has superior technical properties, special appearance and has a multitude of possibilities in use.