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For M&M Product/SmartWrap, producer and distributor of smart flexible packaging, 2021 was the year of resilience and adjustment to the new market conditions. Due to its resources and great efforts, SmartWrap had good results in 2021: modernizing the production hall, completing the rebranding process, maintaining profitability and increasing turnover are just a some of company’s achievements.

2021 started with a 350.000 Euros investment in modernising the production hall in Râșnov and 150.000 Euros in IT systems, salaries of new employees in production and KA sales division, as well as in finalizing the strategic relaunching process started in 2020 – the launch of the new website (

Market challenges have intensified with increasing prices at raw materials (from 800 Euros/ton to 2.200 Euros), high transportation costs and delivery delays which caused shortage of goods. All this situation has been doubled by the price pressure that changed very often, so that the biggest challenge was daily spot pricing to the clients.

“At the end of a very difficult year, we are glad to have closed it with good results: our incomes increased with over 1 mil. Euros, we maintained profitability despite that fact that we increased fixed expenses to modernize the production hall and new employees, doubled prices for raw materials and products’ availability crises; we concentrated more on added value by increasing HP (High Performance) products share in the business – from 35% in 2019, we reached to 51% in 2021, our long-term strategic objective. Considering the whole economic context, we are most glad we didn’t have to restructure our stuff. We are optimistic about 2022 and plan to increase our sales team, launch new concepts and products in the market and implement a more dynamic business model to develop our client portfolio. We already have good news for our clients – 6 Smart offers to attract new clients and keep out loyal customers”, declares Melinda Mureșan Founder and General Manager M&M Product / SmartWrap.

The company ended 2021 with a turnover of more then 7,5 mil. euros, an increase of 18% compared to 2020.

About M&M Product

Founded in 1994, M&M Product has a platform in Râșnov (production and central warehouse) and 5 regional workstations in: București, Cluj, Craiova, Bacău, Timișoara.

The company has 2 divisions (production and distribution) and 3 business lines: Standard flexible wraps, High Perfromance flexible wraps (HP and smart green) and Machineries.

optim, HighPerformance, The SmartGreen are the three main brands of the company.


M&M Product also sales brands of strategic suppliers.

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