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The Machinery business line

offers equipment in all

categories of automation.

The Machinery business line offers equipment in all categories of automation: manual, semi-automatic, automatic – which optimizes the packaging process, reduces the amount of film used and therefore reduces costs.

Automation in flexible packaging increases productivity by reducing the number of operators and by minimizing operating times.

The performance of the equipment consists in capitalizing on the materials to the maximum of the parameters and makes their efficiency correspond to the most demanding requirements.


Machinery business line.

Covers all consumption needs: both standard and HighPerformance

Equipment in all automation categories.

Increased productivity

World-renowned manufacturers and brands with considerable know-how.

SmartWrap Machinery is a dedicated division, covering and integrating all activities related to sales, auditing-testing, installation, service-maintenance and technical consulting for machinery; all these are adapted to the activity profile and the individual needs of the clients.

Dedicated sales consultants

Personal procurement advice;
Flexible commercial conditions for machinery procurement: discount at full payment, the possibility to pay for the machinery by quota applied to the consumables used.

Service and maintenance technicians

They provide high quality services regarding machinery installation, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service.

Specialist in diagnosis and testing

Through relevant know-how, he performs tests and ensures the balance between consumables and equipment;
He provides optimized, customized solutions, and tests them.

Standard Machinery

  • Manual thermal machines

  • Semi-automatic thermo machines

  • Semi-automatic palletizing machines

  • Semi-automatic adhesive tape machines

HighPerformance equipment

  • HP Termo Maripak machines

  • HP Stretch Unitech machines