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HighPerformance works in tandem with high-performance equipment and translates into significant and clearly determinable savings by reducing specific consumption, increased productivity through high working speed, aesthetic advantage through transparency and gloss.


HighPerformance products significantly reduce the losses caused by production interruptions, but also the number of returns and rejections due to non-conformity of the packaging.

The HighPerformance business line includes: stretch foils for wrapping, polyethylene heat-shrink foils, polyolefin heat-shrink foils, automatic adhesive tapes.

The products are aimed at consumers in almost any industry: food industry, beverages, construction, furniture, logistics companies.


HighPerformance packaging solutions.

Safety in transport and use (no returns with damage)

HighPerformance packaging solutions provide maximum safety during transport.

Repeatable, measurable, and not accidental savings

Reducing the thickness and amount of foil needed for wrapping is a significant savings for companies using these solutions.

Stability and strength

Due to the performance of HighPerformance solutions, packaged products have very good stability and strength.


HighPerformance solutions deliver high work speeds, significantly improving productivity.


  • HP Polyethylene Shrink Film

  • HP Polyolefin Shrink Film


  • Special Tehnic 100ST


  • The SmartGreen Stretch Film

  • The SmartGreen Polyolefin Shrink Film

  • The SmartGreen Polyethylene Shrink Film

HighPerformance Products Suppliers

  • GREEN VIBAC Adhesive Tape

  • Vibac Automatic Adhesive Tape Pro 25

  • Printed adhesive tape

  • Natural Rubber Solvent Adhesive Tape

  • Manual adhesive tape – masking

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