PP Tape

Non-adhesive tapes are designed to stabilize / anchor product bundles

They function as a cargo safety belt, they can secure the products in the most difficult conditions of transport.

Together with the clamping accessories (loops, staples, soldering irons, pliers), non-adhesive tapes cover a wide range of applications, such as: securing corrugated cardboard, securing packages, securing metal elements, bricks, wood and bales.

Data sheet


Polypropylene (PP) Tape ) is used for tying and sealing bulky products of medium weight and for stiffening packages.

PP tapes are applied manually or automatically and are tied using staples or heat sealing.


  • easy to apply;
  • breakage resistance;
  • increased degree of elongation;
  • can be used in demanding applications due to its elasticity;
  • recyclable.