PES Tape

PES Tape is a high-strength polyester fiber textile tape, which is recommended for anchoring very heavy and atypical shaped products – logs, machinery, metal parts, metal sheet rolls –, successfully replacing metal tapes.

In the process of tying / securing goods, the PES tape meets all the necessary criteria, representing the safest and most efficient method.

Data sheet


PES tapes are applied manually and tied with loops.

They come in two variants: woven (polyester yarns are cross-woven together and then reinforced with cold adhesive) and nonwoven (polyester yarns are glued longitudinally together with hot-melt adhesive)


  • can be retensioned if the size of the goods decreases – logs after drying;
  • they do not cut or damage the products;
  • they do not rust;
  • they leave no marks on the surface of the goods.