The SmartGreen loves people and nature

It cares about the environment, is a pathfinder and follows the 4e principle.

  • The brand that assumes continuous education and empowering companies for a healthy environment;
  • The SmartGreen, through its responsibility for the environment, shakes hands worldwide with one of the most important brands – I’m green™;
  • The SmartGreen heavily supports the goal of sustainable development in the European Strategy for 2030 and the compliance with the Paris agreement.

Innovative and responsible, The SmartGreen is the brand of the future.


It’s the performer brand, the brand of solutions through practical intelligence, efficiency and proven results.

  • Integrated brand, encompassing consulting, auditing, performance management that is not limited to products and services;
  • The brand that is always a pioneer, integrating new ranges;
  • The brand that supports and capitalizes on fully automated processes.

It is a partner brand that always offers economically substantiated solutions, following the 4e principle.


Temperate, fair and accessible. It always achieves its goal, without aiming to become a champion, standing out for its perseverance and loyalty to its partners.

  • The brand that has the largest variety of products;
  • FainWrap means complementarity with HP solutions.

It’s the brand of the many, of those who want constant, repetitive quality: right on point.