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Smart Wrapping

Our philosophy: the 4e principle

We offer companies customized solutions for flexible, innovative packaging that integrates the 4 essential performance criteria.




easy to apply


  • Reduces the cost of packaging by reducing specific consumption: high quality keeps the quality of packaging at significantly lower thicknesses
  • Reduces costs by eliminating complaints and returns due to damaging goods during transportation
  • Highlights brand / (packaged) product image through transparency and gloss, at no extra costs


  • Increases productivity – can be used on high-performance equipment with the highest degree of automation
  • Eliminates downtime due to interruptions caused by inconsistency in quality
  • Does what it promises to do by constant and repetitive quality


  • The raw material used in the manufacture of I’m green™ Polyethylene is ethanol obtained from sugar cane
  • Replacement of conventional Polyethylene with green Polyethylene
  • At the end of its life, green Polyethylene can be recycled in the same chains already developed for conventional Polyethylene

easy to apply

easy to apply

  • Suitable for equipment with all degrees of automation: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic
  • Ready to use – the customer does not need any additional equipment or technical interventions on the existing equipment

The cost is always smarter than the price.

Smart managers know the difference between PRICE and COST. Efficiency and performance come through solutions that reduce costs. Always.

Cost is the most tangible performance indicator in flexible packaging
Be smart and apply solutions, not the lowest price.

Smart wrapping: the diagnosis of consumption flow

1. We audit, we evaluate

  • Clear determinations of thickness, strength, technical characteristics, productivity
  • Raising customer awareness regarding the current state of quality and actual costs of packaging, as well as regarding the technical balance between materials and machinery, but also on productivity and packaging processes

2. We offer the right solution

  • The solution offered is customized, complete, integrated: material + machinery + work method
  • We propose high performance materials balanced with existing technical equipping and/or, where appropriate, with upgraded technical solutions

3. We test

  • Effective testing of the solution, where under real working conditions the savings obtained are clearly determined on the basis of a protocol
  • We offer advice on the necessary work methods
  • The audit ends with the complete offer: material + machinery
    + work method
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